In Africa – Microfinance


Begun in 2007, the micro-finance program has been life-changing with tremendous visible impact to each woman and her family. To date this program has provided funding to over 154 women in Zebilla and surrounding villages in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Run by Kimoyo’s sister organization, the African Turning Point Foundation, loans ranging from $100 to $300 have funded a hairstyling business, a wholesale business of guinea fowl raising, shea butter cream, soap making, millet and corn grinding as well as open air retail outlets for fried guinea fowl and the selling of pots. As the loans to start these ventures are repaid, the funds are reinvested to support more small businesses. The program has plans for significant expansion in the near future. New adventures are starting daily but the true significance lies in the women’s capacity to learn how to build businesses, work collectively, budget, pay for school fees, and health insurance, buy medicine and save for her family’s future. When the woman is empowered, the next generation thrives.

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Animal Husbandry/Small Farm Animal Raising

Cows in truckAnimal Husbandry is another program helping families establish incomes and sustainable livelihoods. In partnership with the African Turning Point Foundation, the program recently supplied a local farmer with a beginning herd of 10. The herd has produced its first calves and the owner has made his first sales, tangible signs of long-term success. A recently-completed silage project will ensure sufficient food for the herd during the dry season.