How You Can Help

A few US dollars can go a long way in Ghana, particularly in the Upper East Region where we support a number of projects. We have shown below just how your donation can be used to help us continue developing our projects. Please click here to make a tax-free donation so that we can continue to offer these and many other programs.


Volunteers are needed to teach and facilitate multicultural programs for afterschool classes. Experience with teaching required. Flexible scheduling. $25 per session. Lesson plans, materials, supplies, and instruments provided! Although creativity in lesson plans is much appreciated. Volunteers teach lessons in cultural tolerance, African culture, music, arts, geography, games, etc. Please contact Sara Brooks at for more information.
– We are always accepting new or lightly used soccer equipment (cleats, shin guards, old uniforms) which will be distributed to village youth in our soccer programs in Ghana.


The diversity of needs in Eastern Ghana offers donors a wide variety of ways to help. $10 donations are as welcome as $1000 donations. Please view our video on the “About Kimoyo” page to see the tremendous impact your donation can have.

Micro-finance Project


In the area of Micro-finance, $10 will buy a large cooking pot for one woman to help in selling chicken and guinea fowl at her roadside stand.
The women that sell guinea fowl are increasing their profit by raising their own guinea fowl.
$5 will buy and feed one fowl for a month.
$125 will provide the capital to start a micro business for one woman.

Animal Husbandry Project

$35 will vaccinate a herd of cattle for one season and $50 will purchase a sheep to be added to our livestock project.
$50 will provide enough seed for one farmer to plant maize or groundnuts on his family plot.

Internet Cafe

$50 will allow us to bring ICT programs to the local Ghanaian schools. Internet is in dire need of upgrading. The internet Cafe now has its first competition nearby. Faster, more reliable internet would ensure our business. Any additional funding is used to help local school children buy books and uniforms for their school needs.